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Application development and data visualization

Nologin Ocean Weather Systems

Understand and use your information

Easily display large amounts of data, and analyze them. We create pictures that answer questions.

Information in the form of data, sometimes in huge and difficult to understand quantities, circulates physically and virtually around the world. Understanding and interpreting this data provides us with tools to improve our work in the maritime environment.

Viewing the data correctly helps us make better decisions.

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Know the sea conditions in real time and consult the forecasts

You can monitor your data online in the NOW Systems data visualization system. The data is combined with the forecasting system to give you a complete picture of past, present and future metocean conditions.

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Aplicación Cuadro de Mando Medioambinental
Alert Systems Cuadro de Mando Ambiental

Alert system for exceeding thresholds of meteoceanic variables for port and maritime operations

We develop systems that are capable of generating and distributing customized alerts to managers and operators involved in the execution of processes, via:

  • Notifications - PUSH
  • SMS
  • Email

In this way, preventive actions can be taken to limit damage to property and people.

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