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Environmental Control Panel

Nologin has developed for Puertos del Estado an Environmental Control Panel (Cuadro de Mando Ambiental, CMA) which serves multiple forecasting and measurement systems implemented in collaboration with Port Authorities and other institutions

The Challenge

The CMA is an advanced modular tool that allows a customized management of oceanographic data, setting alert levels customizable by the end user.

Access management is designed in such a way that the Public Administrations are the ones to. grant access to the application, and within it, to the various modules, including alarm systems, automatic report generation, real-time data and forecasts of oceanographic and meteorological variables.

The AMC is currently implemented in 46 of the 48 Ports of the State-owned Port System and has more than 1,500 registered users. The impact of the AMC on port activity is evident, serving as a key element to optimize operations and make them safer .

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