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Mobile Applications

Nologin has developed for Puertos del Estado several multi-platform and multi-device mobile applications that allow to know the state of the sea in real time and to consult the forecasts

The Challenge

Nologin has designed, developed and maintained Apps for mobile devices (phones and tablets) for several clients, including Mercator Ocean international and Puertos del Estado.

These allow to know the state of the sea, both in real time and for the next few days. Examples of these are "iMar", in its first version for cell phones and in its current version for tablets, and "Environmental Control Panel". These Apps, developed in Android and iOS environments, provide detailed information on waves, sea level, wind, atmospheric pressure, and other variables for coastal cities, beaches and ports. This information comes from both third-party forecasting systems and real-time measurement networks.

The Apps have been designed in a modular way and are customizable by the end users, allowing, for example, the configuration of access to certain variables, which facilitates and speeds up their use.

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