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Oceanographic Alerts

Notification of risk of exceeding metoceanic variable thresholds for port and maritime operations

The Challenge

Real-time data from oceanographic and meteorological instrumentation is an extremely valuable source of information for managing operations on the coastline and inside ports and other similar infrastructure.

Nologin develops systems that are able to generate and distribute customized alerts to managers and operators involved in the execution of processes. In this way, preventive actions can be taken to limit damage to property and people. In order for alerts to be reliable, data must undergo automatic quality checks prior to ingestion into alert systems, the thresholds of which must be fully configurable by the user. In addition, latency mechanisms for triggering alarms must be implemented, as well as criteria for their cancellation to minimize false alarms and, in general, changes in system status.

Nologin, through its experience in this type of applications, accumulates the necessary knowledge to develop fully functional and practical real-time alarm systems.

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