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Your Technological Partner

We tune up your technological infrastructure


for technological

Nologin Consulting is an Spanish company that has been working since 2000 with companies around the world to store, manage, organize, protect and maintain their most prized asset: information. We help companies and service providers design, implement and evolve their technological infrastructure as their business grows.

Together with our global partner network, we share one common goal: to help our customers achieve their desired goals. Learn more

20years of experience
300+ projects
4+ countries


Data center and IT architecture specifications consulting


Installation and configuration for hardware and software solutions


Infrastructure migration

Don’t lose information


Virtualization of servers and services

Work from wherever you desire


Consolidation of servers and services

Optimize your infrastructure


Disaster Recovery y Business Continuity

Ensure business continuity

Professional Services

Customized technological infrastructures.

Professional Services Contact
WorkOnData(WOD) Screen Portal with the HUS use statistics

Managed Services

Enjoy the security and confidence that comes with having your infrastructure in expert hands.

Managed Services Contact

Custom Software.

Applications that adapt to your workflow. Do you need a custom application?

Custom Software

Identity & SSO Solutions.

Unify your applications under one single set of credentials. Do you need a custom installation and development?

Identity and SSO Solutions

Virtual Desktops.

Escape from the constraints of physical environments and location. Do you want to virtualize your job?

VDI Solutions

Our world is quickly evolving.

Is your company?

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