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Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) - SafeNet Encryption & Key Security

Create systems that protect your customers and users from identity and sensitive data theft

Bank security mechanisms

Certain security requirements of the Mexican market, such as Chapter X, cannot be met by product configuration alone. Therefore, it is necessary to go one step further and look for a solution to implement security measures or mechanisms for the transmission, storage and processing of information through electronic means in accordance with current legislation, using a system whose cryptographic keys are protected by HSM.

Nologin has experience and proven results in the technological implementation of its authentication services guaranteeing the security at the highest level of demand.

The technology already exists. Where do you want us to help your apply it?

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We can integrate with your current system. Contact us and we will make a free assessment on how to comply with Circular Única de Bancos (México) hsmsecurity@nologin.mx

Solution features

Protects critical information without modifying the applications

Sensitive customer information is encrypted by the HSM keeping the data secure (passwords, secret questions, PIN's...) without affecting the operation of the applications.

Complete custody: The stored information is useless without the HSM

Even when the stored value was disclosed, it is completely illegible. Only the HSM has the keys to decipher the information. (The password information is safe from administrators).

The cryptographic keys are handled by the HSM

Software solutions belong to a previous generation. Currently the Mexican regulation calls for HSM high security devices for this purpose.

Compatibility table

Multivendor add-on compatibility table for HSMs

Hardware Compatibility
Thales SafeNet Luna Network HSM
Ultimaco Atalla AT1000 HSM
Supported Software
ODSEE (Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition)
389/RHDS (Redhat Directory Server)
Forgerock Directory Services/OpenDJ
Oracle Unified Directory (OUD)

If your system is not among the compatible ones, we can develop the HSM customization for your directory.

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Our multivendor add-on

Our solution for HSMs is already integrated with the main directory manufacturers in the market, Oracle, IBM, Forgerock, Red Hat... It is not a new or custom development. It is an add-on already tested and integrated in several customers.

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