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Communication to suppliers

Nologin, in compliance with the commitments established in its Integral Management System, establishes a system of initial approval and subsequent periodic evaluation of its suppliers so that the products and services that are contracted by Nologin, and therefore affect the service that Nologin provides to its customers, are subject to a process of control and monitoring from our corporate areas.

This process analyzes the supplier in its initial approval from different points of view in order to ensure, prior to contracting, that it meets our standards regarding quality, information security, environmental aspects and service management. To do so, we evaluate the supplier based on the history of other products/services they have previously provided us with, their reliability due to their experience in the sector, as well as the certifications in force that prove their commitment to quality in the service (ISO9001 - ISO14001 - ISO27001 - ISO20000)..

Similarly, the different suppliers are periodically evaluated by analyzing the degree of satisfaction in the resolution of incidents of all types (environmental, safety, quality, service provision) during the time period analyzed.

In the event that the approved supplier exceeds the maximum acceptable thresholds of incidents with unsatisfactory resolution, it will be subjected to an analysis of its processes and a review of its approval, which may result in an exit as a supplier approved by Nologin, being therefore ruled out for renewal until the defects found are corrected and pass the re-approval process again.