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Agile and secure unified corporate communications

Installation & Maintenance of a private instant messaging platform

Adapt your communications to the new reality

We take communication to the next level, with a secure and agile corporate communication platform service.

Control your communication, manage your data and have your own collaboration platform to improve the productivity of your team. Chat, videoconference or file exchange from your own systems.

Without thousands of tools. Just one, as a cost-per-use service.

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One platform for all communication needs. Discover the configuration options:

Live Chat

Conference Services

Shared screen

Integration API's

LDAP/AD Group Sync


Speed up and secure conversations

Created for companies with high security standards, the platform complies with the regulations for companies with ultra-sensitive information. A secure workspace with user name restriction and administrative transparency.

Use your own corporate chat application and don't depend on public tools. Take control of your business communications.

Chat Features: Icons
Chat features: Chat rooms

Full customization

Custom platform with your brand colours and logos.

Customisable functional features according to business needs, as well as roles per user to restrict the use of certain functions.

Communication alternative for public and private administrations

The facilities in which the platform is housed follow the policies of GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

multiple platform management tools. The platform allows the creation of public and private channels, as well as the sharing of files between all members of the channel and the restriction of user permissions according to roles.

MEM Features: Tasks

For any operating system and mobile device

The communication application can be consulted from a wide variety of devices, desktop, tablet or mobile.

In addition, it is possible to use the application from the browser itself, without the need to install any client on our computers, so you can communicate with your computer anywhere.

Meet tomorrow's challenges with Nologin