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Digital Marketing and design services

European Marine Protected Areas Observatory

Visual Identity

We update or develop from scratch the visual identity of the brand, product or service.

We are specialized in the IT sector, European projects and IT management software applications.

<< Visual identity design for the European project "European Marine Protected Areas Observatory".

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Web Design

Choose the plan that best fits your business objectives.

Landing Page

A single page developed with the objective of converting visitors into potential customers by means of a specific offer

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Corporate Web

Complete product or service website, with contact form and relevant brand information

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E-Commerce and
E-learning platforms

Branding an existing platform

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Content creation

Promotional or explanatory materials for products/services.


PDF A4 double-sided, containing a summary description of the product or service features

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Powerpoint with infographics and product or service description

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Social Media Creativity

Images or short videos (<30') to illustrate publications

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Animated video (≈ 1 min), illustrating the characteristics of a product or service

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User Manuals

A4 PDF, organized by chapters containing the description and how to use the features of the application

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Software tutorials

Video tutorials to guide you through the process of performing an activity in a given software application

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Social media management

Analysis, strategy planning and account management. Generation of impact reports.

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Online advertising - Linkedin Ads

Linkedin ADS campaigns have a higher cost than other social networks, but they offer us quality contacts that can become our clients.

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