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The Cloud model is based on the distribution of capacity through the network in a similar way to how water or electricity are contracted, providing an IT infrastructure in a way proportional to the processing, storage and connectivity needs that companies require for their applications.

Nologin offers four types of Cloud services : Infrastructure As a Service (IAAS), Platform as a Service (PAAS), Desktop As A Service(DAAS) and Software as a Service (SAAS).Do you want to know which is best suited to your needs?.

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Cloud Computing…What cloud?

With this type of solution, Nologin can provide a complete computer system as a service, so that users can access the services available 'in the Internet Cloud ' without knowledge of (or at least without being experts in) the management of the resources they utilize.

Depending on the owner of the actual physical hardware, there are different types of clouds that have different characteristics:

cloud types

Public Clouds

Nologin is able to develop code for clouds created by third parties, such as AmazonAWS, GoogleCloud, or Microsoft Azure, providing the customer with uncomplicated computing elements.

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Private Clouds

The company is the owner of the physical hardware and is responsible for setting up and maintaining the cloud. Therefore, it is the safest of all options in terms of privacy and complete customization of the system to adapt to the service needs.

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Hybrid Clouds

This type combines models of public and private clouds. Usually, these clouds are created by the customer, although the management responsibilities are divided between the customer and the public cloud provider. The hybrid cloud takes maximum advantage of services that are in both public and private spaces.

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Our Professional Services

We design infrastructures that adapt to your company and its growth.

Our service philosophy

Data Center Services

Optimal solutions in time and service. Architecture design projects, installations, migrations, virtualization, consolidation and continuity.

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Cybersecurity Services

Minimizes the business risk, adapting a level of preventive security, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

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Identity Services

Standardizes and controls access to infrastructure by increasing security and simplifying management.

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